About Lemonade Letters

Let's rediscover the gift of handwriting together.

It's all about functional creativity.

The mundane doesn't have to be boring.

Letters are necessary, but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful, stylish, personal, fun.  Even inspirational.

About the Creator of Lemonade Letters

Hello, my name is Eunice Lee!  (Pronounced "You-niece"--as opposed to "You-nephew."  Hehe.)  I am originally from Seattle, Washington, but have now lived in Los Angeles, California since 2009.  But I will always consider myself a Seattleite.  Green trees, fresh air, recycling, and even rain are in my blood!  Rain just makes a warm beverage and good company (whether an intimate friend or an engrossing book) extra cozy and delightful.  But the sun's not so bad either.

Lemonade Letters is part of my own personal journey of rediscovering my creative and artistic side.  I've always found a lot of satisfaction in forming my handwriting to look exactly the way I wanted it (call me a visual person), and people would often tell me my handwriting could be a font.  So when I found out that hand lettering was a career, I knew this was something I had been made for and I couldn't resist.  I think I'm simply wired in a way where using my hands to build and create brings me joy and life, and I want to share that joy and life with others.  

I love lemonade because it's simple, but it tastes oh-so refreshingly good.  You can always add a little somethin'-somethin', like mint leaves or strawberries to make it extra interesting.  And it harkens back to when times were slower and people sat on their porches reflecting, sharing, and laughing together.

All of these things are the story that I hope the handmade and hand lettered items of Lemonade Letters will tell through its simple but attractive style, details that add a little whimsical fun, and loving attention that evokes a personal touch.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and welcome to Lemonade Letters!